What is Eye Columbus SHOP?

Eye Columbus SHOP is the premier online source for eyewear and accessories in the form of glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.  Our goal is to bring simplicity and quality back to online eyewear shopping.  

Who is Eye Columbus?

Eye Columbus is made up of a crew specifically dedicated to the world of Optometry.  The Eye Columbus online SHOP was founded by Dr. Craig Miller, a practicing, licensed optometrist in Columbus, Ohio, who wanted to offer his patients a better way to shop for glasses and contact lenses online. Dr. Miller is continuing his mission of giving his patients "better" by offering premium glasses with the highest quality lenses.  Eye Columbus is the only online outlet that offers high quality eyewear with Digital Free-Form lens technology.

Now everyone has access to the same level of visual quality that the patients of Eye Columbus have for years.

Why Eye Columbus SHOP?

Because buying glasses online does not mean you want generic glasses. Because trendy should not translate into bad vision. Because you are tired of paying too much for contacts.  Because you are tired of not knowing if the contacts you ordered are accurate or come from a trusted source. Because you want better.