As asked to Dr. Craig Miller via Quora

A daily or 1-day disposable contact lens is used just as it's name suggest, just one time.  When wearing these kinds of contacts (Ciba's Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus or Bausch+Lomb's BioTru) the contact lens wearer opens a new pair of contacts every day, or every time he or she wants to wear their contacts.  At the end of the day there is no hassle with cleaning the contacts, you simply just throw the lens away.     

This 1-day modality allows for a much healthier eye environment than monthly or bi-weekly contacts allow.  Throwing contacts away each day eliminates the growth of bacteria and contamination on the contacts, reduces the amount of protein build-up, and prevents excessive wear. 

Another positive health benefit to 1-day contacts is the elimination of soaking contacts overnight in contact lens solution.  Many patients have a strong sensitivity to contact lens solutions.  The preservatives and chemicals in the solution can lead to many eye problems such as dry eye syndrome and keratitis.

Patients that wear 1-day contacts typically have less contact lens complications such as; red eyes, corneal ulcers, and infections.  They also note an improvement in their overall vision because their eyes are much healthier.

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by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus