Eye Columbus and Eye Columbus Optometrists are in-network providers for all VSP vision insurance plans.

VSP offers a wide range of vision insurance options and will help connect customers to in-network providers such as Eye Columbus.

 Eye Columbus is a VSP certified Premier Practice

Eye Columbus is a VSP certified Premier Practice

There are many VSP plan options available.  VSP Signature Plan and VSP Choice Plan are the most common.  Eye Columbus and our Doctors are in-network providers for both plans, however there are major differences when it comes to purchasing your eyewear.

VSP Choice Plan

VSP requires all patients using VSP Choice Plan to purchase their glasses and lenses through them.  This limits the options that a patient and their Eye Columbus Optometrist have when deciding what lenses will be best for their lifestyle.

VSP Signature Plan

Your Eye Columbus Optometrist has the ability to use the best optical lab that can provide you with the highest quality eyewear while using VSP Signature Plan.  Under this plan, only high quality optical labs will be used, and you can assure that your glasses and sunglasses will be done correctly in a timely manner.

Have questions about your VSP vision plan? An Eye Columbus Insurance specialist will help you understand your benefits, and in many cases, find ways to save you more money on your Eye Columbus Eyewear.