Visionworks is a discount optical chain that started opening stores in Columbus Ohio in 2014.  

Owned by HVHC Inc., Visionworks is based out of Texas.  Although HVHC Inc is known for running the insurance company, Davis Vision, they have opened many Visionworks locations around the country.

Are Visionworks Glasses Good

Visionworks are not Optometrists or Eye Doctors.  Like other discount optical stores, Visionworks hire opticians to fit and sell the selection of glasses and lenses that are provided for them.

At Eye Columbus, our Optometrists and Opticians have the freedom to design any lens that we feel is best for our patients, and the only vision center in Columbus Ohio to offer fully customized HD lenses.

Bring your Visionworks glasses to any Eye Columbus location and we will be happy to give them a quality inspection at no charge.