Trivex is a lens material used by Eye Columbus Optometrists and Opticians that is more impact resistant than glass or plastic, and more optically superior than polycarbonate.

Invented by PPG Industries in 2001, Trivex immediately became a premier lens used by Eye Doctors and Opticians wanting to provide their patients clearing, sharper vision.

Who Should Wear Trivex Lenses

Trivex lenses are ideal for previously generic polycarbonate lens wearers who want better vision out of their lenses.


The Doctors of Eye Columbus prescribe Trivex lens material for all kids under the age of 18.  "Trivex offers the same level of safety in a much lighter, and optically superior lens material" notes Dr. Miller.

Safety Glasses

Compared to polycarbonate lenses, trivex are more suitable for those that require safety glasses for work.  The light weight material, UV protection, and superior optics make trivex the right choice.

Rimless Glasses

Customers wanting rimless style glasses are prescribed trivex lenses that will reduce distortion at the drill points.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus