An open letter by Dr. Craig Miller introducing Seeds For Sight.  Eye Columbus plants a tree for every pair of eyeglasses sold.

The mantra that we live by at Eye Columbus is simple, “Give Better”.  In no other industry more so than the healthcare industry, does this purpose of giving define us.  As doctors and medical professionals, we give.  We give care, we give advice, and sometimes we just give peace of mind.

Many years ago, my much younger self recognized and understood that regardless of what we do with our lives, we all have the responsibility to give.  This was not something that was taught in medical or optometry schools, but sought through life observations.  Regardless of our means, position or place we all have something to offer someone else.  By profession I found I have the ability to give better care, better services, and better products.  With the successful growth of our practices and the founding of Eye Columbus, I found that I wanted to take this responsibility further.   

The practices that make up Eye Columbus have been serving and giving back to the Columbus community for over 50 years. Throughout this time we have donated countless pairs of eyeglasses to those in need, supported local charities, non-profits, as well as local schools and athletics.  At a time when this kind of relationship between businesses and their customers appear to be fading, our mutual support with the community has become increasingly stronger over the years.

In 2010, when I became owner and CEO, my goal was to continually build on this community relationship.  I started the Eye Columbus Give Back, Give Better program to strengthen the foundation of supporting the local community.  What started as a mission, developed into a program, and has evolved into a culture that every Eye Columbus team member is dedicated to.

Now it’s time for Eye Columbus to take the next logical step in our Give Back, Give Better program.  What started as a simple idea/want five years ago is today a living reality.  Eye Columbus is proud to announce the Seeds For Sight program.  For every pair of prescription eyeglasses purchased at any Eye Columbus location or in our online SHOP, we will in turn plant a tree.

With the launch of Seeds For Sight, we aim to contribute to the environmental growth of our community as well as increase the much needed environmental awareness in the healthcare industry.  As the population continues to grow, the environmental impact and carbon footprint created by the medical community continues to grow with it.  I believe this program represents a level of business-related environmental responsibility that must start with us, the independent, locally-owned businesses.

Eye Columbus is also proud to recognize the City of Columbus as a charter partner in our program.  Working with the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, Eye Columbus will contribute to multiple projects ranging from urban canopy studies to the planting of trees around the City of Columbus.  With this partnership we continue to strive to Give Back, Give Better to the environment and the community that means the most to us, our hometown of Columbus Ohio.

Others may find our Give Back, Give Better and Seeds For Sight programs as a supportive business venture.  We believe that both programs are fundamentally important steps to conduct our business more responsibly.  My team and I at Eye Columbus are dedicated to the success of Seeds For Sight and encourage other businesses from all walks to join in our efforts to Give Back, Give Better.

Best Regards,
Craig Miller, OD