Although Ray-Ban is owned by an Italian Corporation Luxottica, it's history begins with the US Army Air Service pilots in the 1920's.

In hopes to find a way to reduce glare and headaches for his pilots, Lieutenant General John MacCready turned to Bausch+Lomb to create a pair of sunglasses.  The Aviator was born.

In 1952 the iconic Wayfarer was introduced in plastic frames and quickly became a staple for actors and musicians.

Ray-Ban Glasses and Sunglasses remain a quality eyeglass frame still today.  

Ray-Ban Glasses | Sunglasses in Columbus

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Why Eye Columbus

Price Savings

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Quality Guaranteed

Many Ray-Ban eyewear customers have been tricked into buying counterfeit or fake Ray-Bans.  Eye Columbus contracts directly with Ray-Ban's parent company Luxottica to guarantee that your eyewear meets our standards of quality and safety.

Professional Service

Eye Columbus Opticians have the experience and professional training to properly fit, adjust, and maintain your Ray-Ban glasses or sunglasses.  This level of care ensures that your Ray-Ban eyewear stay in good shape for years.