Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses

from 249.00

Progressive eyeglass lenses at Eye Columbus provide amazing vision at all ranges of vision. Combined with our premium no-glare lens technology, progressive lenses give you the comfort of clear vision reading your phone as well as helping the annoying glare from oncoming headlights.

More Progressive Eyeglass Lens and pricing options available at Eye Columbus stores.

Disclaimer: Progressive eyeglass lenses require more custom measurements that cannot be accomplished as well online. If you elect to proceed with this lens, our Opticians will design it based on standard specifications. For best results, please visit any Eye Columbus store for custom measurements.

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Which Eyeglass Lens Material is Best For You


High quality no-glare polycarbonate lenses are the standard lens of choice at Eye Columbus. Providing better optics than a basic plastic lenses, polycarbonate lenses are stronger and lighter.

Best for prescriptions less than +/- 2.50


Trivex single vision lenses are for people that wan an upgrade of their vision compared to polycarbonate lenses. Eye Columbus' no-glare trivex lens materials is best for mid-range prescriptions.

Best for prescriptions less than +/- 5.00


Hi-index plastic is the thinnest, lightest weight eyeglass lens material. Combined with a premium no-glare, hi-index lenses are great for those that are looking for the thinnest, lightest lenses.

Best or prescriptions greater than +/- 4.00