Not All Eyeglass Lenses Are Created Equal

The clarity of your vision is directly related to the quality of your eyeglass lenses. It is our job to design these lenses with the proper lens technology to maximize the vision for your day to day lifestyle.
— Dr. Craig Miller

Vision of Quality

 Eye Columbus only provides No-Glare lenses that are of the highest optical standards comparable to, if not better than, those you would find at your local Doctor's office.

Which Eye Columbus lens is right for you?

BestSight HD

Welcome to the world of HD vision!  Digital free-form lenses offer the clearest, sharpest vision over any other lens.  This No-Glare lens is essential for those struggling with life's visual demands. Patient's wearing BestSight HD lenses see improved clarity while driving at night, and immediately notice a reduction of eye fatigue after using a computer all day.
BestSight HD lenses are available for prescriptions 0.00-8.00

Premium Thins

The thinnest, lightest conventional plastic lens available.  This lens is essential to those that have been unhappy with the thickness of their previous glasses.  With an index of refraction of 1.67, Premium Thins are also visually superior compared to standard plastic lens.
Premium Thins lenses are recommended for prescriptions 2.50-8.00

Style Standard

Style shouldn't come in the form of bad vision. That is why Eye Columbus' most basic lens choice is what the other guys call "Premium".  This No-Glare Polycarbonate lens offers a higher quality of vision compared to standard plastic lenses.  The Style Standard lens also provides a great No-Glare lens for those that do not need a prescription, just style.
Style Standard lenses are recommended for prescriptions 0.00-2.50
Style Standard lenses are required for everyone under the age of 18

Eye Columbus only uses lenses from reputable lens manufacturers and labs such as; HoyaZeiss, and Essilor.  Believe it or not, we're the only online retailer that does that.

Transitions Lenses

Eye Columbus offers Transitions Lenses with every lens choice.  Transitions Lenses offer complete UV protection in your eyewear and improve comfort from the sun.  Visit Transitions.com to learn more about Transitions lens technology.

Polarized Sunglasses

Tired of annoying glare, even with your sunglasses? Eye Columbus Polarized Sunglass Lenses provide an optimal Sunglass experience with the safety of UV protection.  Polarized Sunglass Lenses offer a much clearer, sharper image compared to Standard Suns.

Not sure which lens is right for you?  Contact one of our Visionaries today!