Live Free

Eye Columbus believes in the importance of giving your eyes only the best.  That is why in 2008, Dr. Miller partnered with Fresh Vision Laser Eye Center as a charter member.

Offering only the best that laser vision correction has to offer, Eye Columbus Doctors have been utilizing blade-free LASIK for years.  In 2015, Eye Columbus was among the first to offer their patients a more advanced LASIK procedure called WaveLight.  WaveLight offers a quicker, more precise LASIK surgery.

The Doctors of Eye Columbus offer a LASIK Candidacy Evaluation as part of every Lifestyle Eye Exam.

If you are considering LASIK in Columbus Ohio, request a Lifestyle Eye Exam today and let Eye Columbus help you #SeeBetter without the need for glasses or contacts.

Dr. Miller’s speciality shined when I was ready for LASIK. His knowledge and advice was reassuring up to the surgery. And he even saw me for all my post-ops to make sure I was healing great.
— Patient's Google Review