Frenzy Kids Glasses

Frenzy Kids Glasses

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Premium Polycarbonate No-Glare Prescription Lenses & Shipping Included

Girls | Medium | Acetate | Metal | Me Factor 7

48 | 15 | 130

Frenzy Kid's Glasses are made of a durable acetate / stainless steel combo material that is designed for the daily wear and tear that only a Kid can provide.  Designed a manufactured by i-deal optics.

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Beat Kids Glasses
from 99.00

Vision | Lenses

Kids Vision Protection Package

Scratch resistant lens coating and an upgraded anti-reflective trivex lens material is just the beginning.  Piece of mind knowing that we have included Blue-Light blocking technology that will help protect your child's eyes from the damaging blue light emitted from LED screens such as iPods, and tablets.  Learn more

Style Standard No-Glare Lenses

A premium conventional lens suitable for spectacle wearers looking for improved comfort and reduce glare in their vision. Learn more

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Transitions Lenses

Now you can improve their eyewear experience with Transitions lenses. Transitions technology turns clear spectacle lenses dark when you step into the sun providing your child's eyes with necessary protection from ultra-violet light.  Learn more