Kid's First

At Eye Columbus, kids come first.  As a strong believer of proper pediatric eye care, Dr. Miller has worked with many local physicians and pediatricians promoting this belief.  

It is crucial that all children have their first eye exam by an Optometrist no later than age 3.  

The important facts to remember when deciding if your child is ready for a visit to Eye Columbus are:

  • Reading a chart at school or at the pediatrician's office is not an eye exam, it is a vision screening.  
  • Eye conditions that are common in kids, such as Amblyopia, must be diagnosed and treated by the age of 5 to offer the greatest chance of improvement.
  • Many kids with eye conditions do not have any symptoms, and typically have adequate vision. The Doctors of Eye Columbus are trained to identify and properly treat these conditions so your child can live a healthy and visually fulfilling life.
  • All Doctors of Eye Columbus have completed Pediatric Eye Care training and education at accredited institutions as well as training under many leaders in the field of pediatric vision.

If you are looking for a Doctor for Pediatric Eye Exams in Columbus Ohio, all Eye Columbus locations are specifically trained to provide only the best Kid's Eye Exams.