We are all guilty of it.  Although we know we shouldn't do it, we have all cleaned those smudges off our glasses with the closest thing we can find.  It may be our shirt, napkin, paper-towel, neck-tie, bow-tie, or the end of our dress.  They all have been used to clean eyeglasses and get us back to the clear vision we need.

In this article we hope to provides some basic tips on how to properly clean your eyeglasses, as well as steps to can take to keep them clean.

Clean Eyeglasses

Your glasses are an investment in your vision. Protect your investment by cleaning your eyeglasses with the proper lens cleaner and cloths.  We should clean our glasses daily using proper eyeglass lens cleaner and microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths.  

Eyeglass lens cleaner is designed specifically to not react with the coatings and treatments on todays lenses and digital lenses.  You can purchase eyeglass lens cleaner at any Eye Columbus location or at any local pharmacy.  Never use basic window cleaners such as Windex, or other cleaners containing ammonia, vinegar, or bleach as these chemicals can break down and destroy the coatings and treatments on your lenses.

It is important that we never use any paper products such as paper-towels, tissues, napkins, even our shirts to clean our glasses.  Using the proper eyeglass lens cleaner is very important, but so is the proper eyeglass cleaning cloth.  Paper products can cause scratches in our lenses or scratches in the coatings of the lenses, especially with some lower-quality treatments.  Microfiber and specialty eyeglass cleaning cloths should only be used to clean and protect your lenses.  It is important that you also clean your cleaning cloth.  Simply toss it in the washer every month to assure that there is no dirt or debris that can scratch your glasses lenses.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

Sometimes it seems that no matter how careful you are you just cannot keep your glasses clean.  This is especially true with the rise of low-quality products being sold at chains and in online glasses.  Certain low quality anti-reflective lens options contain hydrostatic properties that attract dust and dirt making it difficult to keep clean.  Higher quality lenses, such as Hoya lenses, actually help repel these particles keeping your glasses clean.

The easiest way to keep your glasses clean is to keep them on your face.  Those of us who are putting our glasses on and off all day have a more difficult time with fingerprints on our lenses.  When we do take them off, using two hands will not only help keep the lenses clear but will also keep our frames in adjustment longer.

When they are not on your face, they're in the case.  Keep your eyeglass frames in your case when not in use.  Again, keeps the clean of debris as well as in adjustment.

Investing in your glasses is investing in your vision.  Using these basic tips will help keep your investment in great shape and your vision 20/20.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus