What is i.Scription

i.Scription technology by Zeiss offers the highest level of vision ever in ones glasses.  Eye Columbus | Gahanna Vision Center was proud to be the first eye care facility in Columbus, Ohio to offer this service.  Why?  Simply because it is better.

Traditionally, we went to our Optometrist to have glasses made with our prescription.  The lab, filled with lens blanks, would then cut the proper lens to fit our frame.  Today, utilizing i.Scription technology, the Doctors at Eye Columbus can correct more of our vision, and make free form spectacle lenses that are not only customized, but personalized.  In other words, these lenses are created for each individual eye.

Using wavefront guided mapping, the Zeiss i.Profiler Plus analyzes and maps out the patients lower order abberations (traditional prescription), as well as higher order abberations and quatifies the results down to the one thousandth diopter.  Our Optometrists then inputS the patients subjective prescription (the traditional prescription) and one's i.Scription is calculated from there.

Why i.Scription

Dr. Miller chose to offer i.Scription technology to his patients simply because it is better.  Although wavefront guided lenses such as i.Scription are not for everyone, Dr. Miller feels he would be doing a disservice to his patients if he didn't go this extra mile.

One study showed that a driver wearing fully customized lenses, such as i.Scription, while driving 55mph under nighttime conditions saw a person in the road 25 feet sooner than the driver wearing only traditional spectacle lenses.

Am I A Candidate For i.Scription

i.Scription analysis is performed as part of every Lifestyle Eye Exam and only available at Eye Columbus | Gahanna Vision Center.  

Already have a valid prescription?  Bring in a copy of a valid glasses prescription and we will perform an i.Scription analysis for free.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus