As asked to Dr. Craig Miller via Quora

For many of us our annual trip to the optometrist can be a little worrisome.  Many patients are concerned about getting their prescription 100% correct or choosing the wrong answer to the array of one or two questions.  

The best advice to take into your Lifestyle Eye Exam is to relax.  There is no right or wrong answers during an exam.  In most cases, the Doctors at Eye Columbus have a good idea what your eyeglass prescription is prior to the refraction.  The "which is better one or two" part of the refraction, or the manifest refraction allows your Doctor to fine tune the prescription to your best needs.

The biggest factor in getting the most out of one's eye exam is the quality of lenses we decide to use.  For many patients, they may receive the most accurate prescription ever, but decide to fill that prescription in lesser quality lenses.  Lesser quality lenses may be cheap plastic or lenses with high amount of reflections or glare.  In fact a recent study reveals that over half of all glasses purchased online at non-optometric facilities are not made correct.

The performance of the prescription is only as good as the quality of the lens that we choose. This is an issue that is not overlooked at Eye Columbus.  We use only the highest quality in optics at the most affordable price nationally.  For this reason alone is why Eye Columbus | Gahanna Vision Center was the first eye care facility in Central Ohio to offer fully customized wavefront guided i.Scription lenses by Zeiss.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus