Hi-index eyeglass lenses are designed to offer prescriptions in a thinner, more lightweight plastic material.

Ideal for people with higher prescriptions that result in thick heavy lenses, hi-index lenses can also provide much better vision compared to traditional plastic lenses.

Most hi-index lenses also include an aspheric lens design.  Aspheric lens design helps improve vision quality throughout the lens and also helps reduce the magnification or minification, or the bugs-eye appearance.

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There are many different forms of hi-index lenses.  The lenses index of refraction, or the ability of the lens to bend the light, is what varies from lens to lens.  A lens with a higher index of refraction has the ability to be much thinner and lighter than a lower index of refraction.

Premium Thins lenses offered at the Eye Columbus SHOP are a high quality hi-index plastic lenses with an index of refraction of 1.60-1.67.  This lens is recommended for anyone with a prescription of 2.50 - 8.00.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus