FAQ's Online Ordering

Don't see the answer your looking for?  Contact Support and an Eye Columbus Visionary will be happy to help.


Style Lenses

"I don't have a prescription and just want clear lenses. Can I do that?"

Absolutely.  All of our Style Lenses are Premium No-Glare Lenses and come at no additional charge.  Simply choose Style Standard in the Vision | Lens selection and choose the "Style" checkbox on the prescription form.
Easy as that.


"What are contact lens rebates and how do I use them?"

If you have never used contact lens rebates you are in for a special treat.  Contact lens rebates are your reward for purchasing through an independent eye care provider such as Eye Columbus.
These rebates are not available to big box retailers or other online vendors.
Eye Columbus is a reputable Independent eye care practice. That is a reward you'll always feel happy about.
Visit our Rebates Page to learn more about using them.


"What if I don't know my prescription?"

Not a problem.  After you choose your product (glasses or contacts) you will be directed to enter your prescribing Doctor's information.  
Eye Columbus will be happy to gather that information for you.

Pupillary Distance

"How do I get my PD"

The most accurate way is to go to your local Independent Optometrist and Opticians.  They have the skill and technology to ensure an accurate measurement.
Read more about obtaining your PD on our Pupillary Distance Page.


"Can I use my insurance benefits on my eyewear purchase?"

Many vision insurance corporations will reimburse your eyewear expenses. This varies among carriers and plans.
Eye Columbus does not offer insurance billing with purchases made online, but will be happy to assist you with the process.
To learn more about using your insurance benefits visit our Insurance Page.


"Why does Eye Columbus eyewear prices differ online versus what is in the store?"

Purchasing your eyewear in store at any Eye Columbus location provides a level of service not matched online.  Each eyewear purchased in store includes the Eye Columbus Lifestyle Dispensing Service.  A premium service by a professional optician to ensure the highest quality eyewear style as well as vision in your new eyewear.