As any seasoned cyclist will tell you a good pair of cycling specific eyewear is as important as your helmet.  Whether you require prescription lenses or just need protective cycling glasses while on the road, there are many key features to look for when making your next purchase.

The Frame

Just like the frame of your road bike, the frame of your cycling glasses are important.  Key factors such as fit, weight, comfort, and durability are crucial.

Major brands such as Nike, Wiley X, Rudy Project, and Oakley provide durable frames that won't be trashed by the end of the season.  

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Road Cycling Lenses  

By far the most important factor regardless of prescription necessity.

Protective Lenses

The first step is protection. All cycling glasses should be made of impact resistant material such as polycarbonate or trivex.  At Eye Columbus, a Columbus Ohio Optometry practice, we recommend trivex lens material with special scratch resistant EX3 coating for it's improved optics for all cycling patients.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a must on the road.  Although they can make it difficult with older digital cycling computers, newer models offer the advantage of a clear screen regardless of a polarized or non-polarized lens.

A polarized lens reduces significant road glare and has better optics compared to a regular sunglasses lens.  This optical quality is crucial during times of dusk or dawn riding.  

Transitions Photochromic Lenses

Another option in leu of sunglasses is Transitions lenses.  Transitions have a wide variety of self tinting options.

Eye Columbus Optometrists recommend the Transitions XTRActive and Transitions Vantage lenses.

The Transitions Vantage is the first polarized Transitions lens that will still change from clear to dark, but offers improved glare reduction on the road.

Transitions XTRActive, although not polarized, is Transitions darkest lens yet. Ideal for those that would also like to use their glasses behind the wheel of a car.

Quality Cycling Glasses

When choosing your next pair of cycling eyewear focus on the quality of the lenses and the expertise of the seller.

Eye Columbus sells quality cycling glasses both in store and online.

by Dr. Craig Miller | Eye Columbus