Contact Lenses For Your Lifestyle

Your eyes are only as healthy as the Contacts you wear.  That is why the Doctors of Eye Columbus take your lifestyle and visual needs into consideration to determine which contact lens prescription is best for you.

21st Century Contact Lenses

Are you still having to clean your contacts everyday?  1-Day lens technology takes the work out of wearing contact lenses.  They provide much healthier eyes, and a much more convenient, hassle-free lifestyle.

Tired of Reading Glasses

If you spend a lot of time on a computer or reading up close, perhaps new multi-focal contact lenses are right for you.  This technology provides optimal vision at distance, computer, and near with much improved binocular vision compared to mono-vision.

Nighttime Vision Glare

Is your distance vision or nighttime vision just not "good enough"?  Let the Doctors of Eye Columbus prescribe you new soft contact lenses that reduce the amount of aberrations giving you a higher definition of vision.

Specialty Contact Lenses

If you wear Hard | Gas-Permeable contact lenses or have Keratoconus or other eye conditions that require you to wear specialty contact lenses, the Doctors of Eye Columbus have years of experience fitting some of the most challenging cases.

Regardless of your visual and lifestyle demand, the Doctors of Eye Columbus will find the best contact lens prescription for you.