OGI David Spencer

David Spencer's love for drawing started at a young age and his father knew immediately that passion would some how become a career path for David. Growing up in the optical field, having an optometrist for a father, and later on running an optical retail, David realized there was a gap in the market for smaller sized,  finely crafted frames. David Spencer began putting his passion for drawing to work and started designing his own frame line. 

In 1997 David came out with his first line of eye wear, OGI. A collection of frames with a smaller  design, more refined shapes and brighter colors. Being the only one of its kind on the market, OGI became an instant success. 

Continuing his success today, David is constantly designing new frames to keep up with the modern world and people's ever changing sense of style. He enjoys adding diligently placed details in his frames but still remains true to OGI's beginning philosophy of creating frames with premium materials and "fresh, contemporary flair."