The New Eye Columbus SHOP!

Welcome to EyeColumbus SHOP

Being a first-of-its-kind, Dr. Craig Miller brings the high quality Eyewear of Eye Columbus to the online world!

Frustrated with the lack of quality eyewear online, Dr. Miller and Eye Columbus are one of the first Independent Eyecare Providers in the country to open an online optical retail store. 

“People want the convenience of shopping online and they want quality products. When ordering eyeglasses online, it is a guessing game whether the product you order is not only correct, but meets industry standards.  I wanted to give my patients the best of both worlds, the convenience of ordering online and the guarantee that the product they receive is of the highest quality and is the what they deserve."

Shopping at the online EyeColumbus SHOP assures that you will get the best quality and vision that you deserve. You are guaranteed that the frame and lenses you receive are quality products that meet all safety requirements. Our trained opticians inspect every pair of glasses made, ensuring the same accuracy and quality standards as if you purchased directly from your optometrist.

The EyeColumbus SHOP lets you search premier Eyewear Styles and find the frame that’s right for you. With multiple lens quality options, you choose the one that works best for your prescription, decide if you would like to add Transitions lenses or polarized sunglass lenses, and your new glasses will be mailed to your door step!