Ray Kelvin is Ted Baker

TWhen reading about Ray Kelvin and the Ted Baker brand, you will soon figure out that it is anything but ordinary. Ray Kelvin, the founder and chief executive of Ted Baker, has many times been referred to as "quirky" and when reading about his hobbies and history it becomes very apparent as to why. For starters, his sons have compared him to the dad from Family Guy. He is known for keeping a low profile, never showing his face in public, calling himself an "ugly bugger" and for playing matchmaker in the office and hugging... a lot.  

     Ted Baker is a British label whose becoming widely known in the luxury fashion world. The Ted Baker line originally started out as a contemporary shirt specialty known for its focus on quality and attention to detail. An idea that came to Ray Kelvin one day while fishing that has now grown into a global brand in 33 countries, known for its menswear, womenswear, endurance, accessories, fragrance, footwear, eye wear, watches and much more. 

     With all the growth the Ted Baker brand has seen over the past 20 years, one thing has always remained the same. The Ted Baker label has never used an advertising campaign. They prefer word of mouth and quirky marketing habits to gain recognition. For this, and many other reasons Ted Baker has received the title of "no ordinary designer." Ray Kelvin said it himself, "We want to do what we do and do it better."