Designer Hans Laursen for Inface

inface is a Danish design, started in 1987 by Hans Laursen. Hans started out following in this fathers footsteps, opening his own optical shop with the intent to sell fashionable, high quality frames. He was successful in this business but wanted to give his customers a more affordable frame while still keeping that attention to detail and high quality.  He soon found out that finding frames that were both economically friendly and up to his standard of quality was harder than he imagined. He then took it upon himself to design his own line of optical frames showcasing "true-design at a convenient price level." This is where Inface's success began.

     The inface brand had taken off and was showing great success. Hans then sold his optical shops so he could focus solely on the inface brand. In 2005, Hans' son and daughter, Thomas and Mette, joined Inface as co-owners and partners. To this day, Inface is still a 100% family owned business, with frames being sold in over 25 countries. With all the growth that Inface has experienced throughout the years, their focus today is still the same as day one, offering the consumer original, and luxury eye wear.