Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sun Gunmetal

Ray-Ban Aviator Classic Sun Gunmetal

from 149.00

Ray-Ban Green Classic G-15 Lenses & Shipping Included

Unisex | Large | Acetate | Me Factor 3

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BestSight HD Digital No-Glare Lenses

The highest quality optics you have ever experienced in your glasses using digital free from spectacle lens design.  Learn more

Premium Thins No-Glare Lenses

Recommended for spectacle prescriptions greater than 2.50 this lens offers improved vision in a thinner lighter material.  Not suitable for kids under 18. Learn more

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Polarized Lens Technology

Improve your vision and reduce glare with Polarized Lens Technology from EyeColumbus.  Couple with BestSight HD lenses provides the most brilliant pair of sunglasses you will ever own.